TSDA In-Training Exam

The TSDA In-Training Exam (ITE), held annually in March or April, is designed to assess the general thoracic and cardiac surgery knowledge of current residents. The goals of the exam are to prepare cardiothoracic surgery residents and fellows for the written portion of the ABTS Written Examination; to help residency program directors gauge the knowledge base of their residents; and to determine whether residents possess the knowledge and cognitive skills for safe and effective performance in the profession. The TSDA ITE Committee is charged with creating the highest quality exam possibly to ensure that all residents are appropriately knowledgeable for their level of training.

The secure exam is available online, a raw score is provided to test takers upon completion of the exam, and individual comprehensive results will be sent to Program Directors four to six weeks after the backup exam date. Please consult ITE website pages by year for more information on upcoming exam registration, and performance graphs for past exams.