Vessel Anastomosis Simulation Module

TSDA is pleased to provide Vessel Anastomosis Simulation Modules for U.S. cardiothoracic surgery residents. This project is commissioned by TSDA, developed by The Chamberlain Group, and generously supported by Medtronic. TSDA hopes this module will inspire residents to take the module home and work outside the hospital to improve their skills.

For 2018-2019, modules are available through TSDA for:

  • 1st-year traditional residents (PGY 6, those who started CT surgery residency July/August 2018)
  • 4th-year integrated residents (PGY 4, those who started CT surgery residency July/August 2015)
  • 5th-year 4/3 residents (PGY 5, those who started GS residency July/August 2014)

TSDA has developed an assessment tool to assist residents and Program Directors with monitoring progress over time. Residents are encouraged to work on the module from different angles to perfect needle and needle holder angles and improve their anastomotic skills. An instructional video explaining how the module can be used has been posted on YouTube so that skills that can be honed over time.

To order trainers and parts, including grafts and target vessels, download the Chamberlain Pocket Vessel Anastomosis Trainer Brochure, or contact The Chamberlain Group at 800-562-7569.

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