TSDA Mailing List License

TSDA Membership Mailing List License

The TSDA membership e-mail list license is available to send TSDA-approved e-mail messages only. TSDA will determine if the submitted e-mail is acceptable for dissemination to the TSDA membership. All requests must include the purpose of the request, and a copy of the message, letter, brochure, marketing piece, etc. that will be sent to recipients if approved by TSDA. Only email addresses will be provided.

Each TSDA e-mail list license is for one-time use only and only for the message approved. The TSDA mailing list may not, in whole or in part, be copied or reproduced in any way; nor can it be transferred to other parties. Upon completion of your mailing, the file must be permanently deleted. Any violation of these terms may result in future sanctions, including additional charges for utilization of the list more than one time in whole or in part.

Mailing list format
Electronic Excel XLS file

Requests are subject to the following fees:  for one-time use only:

  • TSDA-institution member requests: $50 for one-time use
  • TSDA-institution member requests for the purposes of collecting data for IRB-approved or IRB-exempt research project: $100 for one-time use
  • Non-member, non-profit institutional or organizational request: $250 for one-time use
  • Non-member, for-profit institutional, individual, industry, organizational, or commercial entity requests: $500 for each list requested for one-time use

There will be no fee for data requests from thoracic surgery organizations (e.g., AATS, STS, TSF, STSA, WTS, WTSA, etc.) that request data to promote or communicate programs, awards/scholarships, meetings, activities, or services that benefit cardiothoracic surgery residents, congenital cardiac surgery fellows, general surgery residents, or promote cardiothoracic surgery as a specialty.

Data housed in the TSDA database includes U.S. cardiothoracic surgery residency program directors, associate program directors, program coordinators, faculty and residents; congenital cardiac surgery fellows; and general surgery residents who matched into a U.S. cardiothoracic surgery residency program. Data are provided to TSDA by cardiothoracic surgery residency programs directly and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate when licensed to requestors by TSDA. Only data from ACGME-accredited programs is available.

To begin the mailing list license request process:
Prepare your e-mail message and any attachments and/or links, and send a copy of the final version to Beth Winer at bwiner@tsda.orgSubmit only the final version of the message, with no edits or changes to be made.

When submitting your mailer for approval, please select the segment of TSDA members you wish to reach:

-Cardiothoracic surgery residency program directors
-Cardiothoracic surgery residency associate program directors
-Cardiothoracic surgery residency coordinators
-Cardiothoracic surgery faculty
-Cardiothoracic surgery residents
-Congenital cardiac surgery fellows
-General surgery residents who matched in to a cardiothoracic surgery residency program

TSDA will review your message as soon as possible, but please allow up to 7 business days from confirmation of receipt of your mailer for a decision. If your message is approved, an invoice will be sent via e-mail. TSDA does not accept credit cards; only checks are accepted.

For more information about the TSDA membership mailing list licensing process, please contact Beth Winer, TSDA Executive Director, at bwiner@tsda.org.