Resources for Residents

The Thoracic Surgery Residents Association (TSRA) offers various resources for medical students, general surgery residents, and cardiothoracic surgery residents and fellows interested cardiothoracic surgery education.

Cardiopulmonary Bypass: A Primer

Cardiopulmonary Bypass: A Primer was created by surgeons, perfusionists, anesthesiologists, and nurses from the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, WA.  Through this interdisciplinary perspective; residents, medical students, perfusionists, nurses, anesthesiologists, and anyone else in the operating room may gain new insight into this distinguishing technology.

The freebook is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Multi-touch books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Books with interactive features may work best on an iOS device. iBooks on your Mac requires OS X 10.9 or later.

TSRA Multiple Choice Review of Cardiothoracic Surgery

This app allows the user to test their knowledge base by answering multiple choice questions in the major disciplines associated with thoracic surgery: adult cardiac surgery, congenital cardiac surgery, general thoracic surgery, and trauma and critical care. Each of the four disciplines is subdivided into important categories with about 10 questions for each subject. The user selects the best answer and is immediately notified if their choice was correct. The notification contains the correct answer and, usually, an explanation for the correct answer and the incorrect options. Answered questions are stored on the device as either answered correctly or answered incorrectly. This gives the user the opportunity to review their previous attempts. The questions can all be reset to allow the user to repeat the questions as needed.

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The TSRA members who submitted questions have made all attempts to insure the accuracy of the questions and answers. Nevertheless, unforeseen errors can occur. If any questions are suspected of being inaccurate, users are encouraged to avail themselves of the in-app “Complaint Department” by emailing TSRA at with any issues. Additionally, the practice of medicine is not an exact science, and practice patterns do change over time. This app and its content is not meant to make recommendations for medical care. It is an educational tool only. Any medical decisions should be made after discussions with appropriate healthcare providers.

TSRA Review of Cardiothoracic SurgeryTSRA Review of Cardiothoracic Surgery.Cover_Page_001.25

The goal of TSRA Review of Cardiothoracic Surgery, edited by the TSRA and authored by more than 50 cardiothoracic surgery residents from different programs around the country, is to synthesize the breadth of information that a cardiothoracic surgeon has to be familiar with into a few hundred pages. The material is organized into four different sections: General Thoracic Surgery; Adult Cardiac Surgery; Congenital Cardiac Surgery; and Cardiothoracic Trauma and Critical Care.

The TSRA Review of Cardiothoracic Surgery is available in the following formats:

1. As a PDF file in English (free English download) and Turkish (free Turkish download).
2. As an e-book (.mobi, .epub) to use with various electronic platforms (Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Nook, Mac/PC, and other e-readers) (free download).
3. As a print book on

TSRA Primer of Cardiothoracic SurgeryTSRA Primer Cover

TSRA is pleased to offer the TSRA Primer of Cardiothoracic Surgery. The Primer is an integrated educational resource produced by residents, for residents, illustrating the fundamental concepts a new learner needs to become familiar with upon entering the arena of cardiothoracic surgery. It is a “primer,” and as such is tailored to the student in the neophyte stage of learning. The book is currently available on the iBookstore. Additional formats for Kindle, Android and other devices are in development.

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TSRA Clinical Scenarios in Cardiothoracic SurgeryClincial Scenarios Cover

TSRA is pleased to offer TSRA Clinical Scenarios in Cardiothoracic Surgery. This important resource completes the logical continuum of resident education aimed at the application of decision-making, surgical technique, and knowledge towards different clinical case scenarios. The goal of TSRA Clinical Scenarios in Cardiothoracic Surgery is to review common, high-yield, and important scenarios that may surface during the course of a cardiothoracic surgeon’s practice in congenital, thoracic, or adult cardiac surgery. Like other TSRA projects, TSRA Clinical Scenarios in Cardiothoracic Surgery was written by residents for residents.

Contents of the book are organized into three major surgical sections: General Thoracic, Adult Cardiac, and Congenital Cardiac. Each chapter contains 10 sections designed to emulate possible conversation during the workup and treatment of a given patient: concept; chief complaint; differential, history & physical; tests; index scenario; treatment/management; operative steps; potential questions/alternative scenarios; and pearls/pitfalls.

TSRA Clinical Scenarios in Cardiothoracic Surgery is available in the following formats:

1. As a print book on
2. As an e-book for Kindle on
3. As an iPad and iPhone app through iTunes.iTunes Badge

TSRA Journal Club Journal Club

The TSRA Journal Club is an up-to-date resource developed to help cardiothoracic surgeons familiarize themselves with the most important articles in the literature. This initial version contains summaries of over 200 articles in the fields of cardiac, general thoracic, congenital, and heart/lung transplant surgery, with links taking the user directly to abstracts of the articles on Pubmed. The TSRA Journal Club app may be helpful for review prior to board examinations, preparing for rounds or presentations, or just learning about commonly cited and referenced studies.

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Operative Dictations CoverOperative Dictations in Cardiothoracic Surgery

This resource seeks to provide a review of the major steps of an operation, as well as a guide to the appropriate documentation of the conduct of that operation. TSRA hopes the text will be useful for both practicing surgeons and residents in training. While the list of operations included in the text is extensive it is not intended to be inclusive of the entire breadth of the field of cardiothoracic surgery. Additionally, the text provides descriptions of one approach to the operations included. TSRA acknowledges that the approach to a given operation may vary among surgeons and institutions. This text is not intended to establish a uniform ‘correct’ approach, nor is it intended as a surrogate for formal residency training.

TSRA Operative Dictations in Cardiothoracic Surgery is available in the following formats:

1. As a print book on

2. As an e-book for Kindle on

Fighting Fatigue

TSRA and TSDA are pleased to make available Fighting Fatigue: A Guide for Cardiothoracic Surgery Residents. This free download is provided to help cardiothoracic surgery residents navigate their way through long days and long nights throughout their training.

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