2016 TSDA In-Training Exam

2016 In-Training Exam for Cardiothoracic Surgery Residents

The 2016 ITE has concluded. Results were sent to Program Directors in mid May. Results should be distributed and reviewed with thoracic surgery residents/fellows who completed the exam. TSDA does not send score reports to individual residents. Results will include a percent correct and percentile rank based on the total score, additional information concerning major content categories and comparative information for an examinee’s resident year, and percent correct scores for content subcategories to offer more detail about the examinee’s performance within each major content category. Exam results will be withheld from a program until full payment is received by TSDA.

Click here to view 2016 pre-ITE survey results.

The 2017 In-Training Exam will be held on Saturday, March 11 and Saturday, March 18 (backup date)

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2016 TSDA In-Training Exam Committee
Sandra Starnes, MD, Chair

Cardiac Subcommittee  General Thoracic Subcommittee 
Howard Song, MD, Chair Tom Varghese, MD, Chair
Shahab Akhter, MD Stephen Broderick, MD
Georgio Aru, MD Tony Kim, MD
Michael Halkos, MD Paul Schipper, MD
S. Adil Husain, MD Brendon Stiles, MD
Nahush Mokadam, MD
Jay Pal, MD
Brett Reece, MD
Ram Subramanyan, MD
Wilson Szeto, MD
Hiroo Takayama, MD